Map any Property into VR with a smartphone for less than £10 in five minutes

One of the best ways to show a property to a client is through Virtual reality. It's assumed that you need lots of technology and a pretty big budget! Fortunately, this isn't the case. We're going to show you just how easy it is to map anything in immersive VR in under 5 minutes so you can wow any client and demonstrate you properties without even having to visit.

What you need:

  1. A smartphone (We're using an Iphone SE)
  2. Google Cardboard (£6 from
  3. Google Cardboard Camera App (From Playstore or Appstore)

How to do it: 

1, Open the cardboard Camera app


Open Google cardboard App


Click the Camera button


Press Record


Spin slowly following the instructions on screen


Click the image you just took


Click the centre orange button to access the VR mode


Place your phone in your Google cardboard glasses following the instructions on screen


There you have it, your very first VR scan of a property which you can show to any client. Listed below is the scan we did on our Iphone SE of the living room. PC properties kindly let us use one of their properties.




Now you can put a property into VR, you can share a link to any of the scans you have done. This way anyone with a google cardboard can view the property or see the panoramic image. Doing this couldn't be simpler.

  • Open the cardboard camera app again
  • Hold the image/images you wish to share
  • Click the share icon [ this is shown in the picture here]
  • Click create a link 

There you have it. Anyone with the link can now access this VR photo and add it to their google cardboard photos. Heres a link to ours:  


Cardboard is a fantastic way to showcase your property for next to nothing. If you're interested in even more advanced immersive VR then check out our matterport services by clicking the image below.

mike sorbie